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Where to find me:
Github: Phate6660
Codeberg: Phate6660
sourcehut: ~phate
Mastodon: @Phate6660@fosstodon.org
Discord: Phate6660#6270

Use GPG? Here's my key.
Read me talk about whatever here.
This website is open source!

About me: I'm a Linux enthusiast who programs for fun.
I'm also a privacy activist, to a fault really.

Current setup (link to unixporn if anyone is interested):
Distro(s) - Gentoo (main), LFS+Bedrock (secondary).
WM(s) - Currently bspwm, I also use Openbox (my favorite WM), as well as EXWM (Emacs).
Shell - BASH, though I have my eyes on a few shells written in Rust.
Terminal - UXTerm. XTerm best term, you can't change my mind.

+ Projects - Projects
Currently pinned projects:
- rsfetch/rsftech
- rsPhate
- musinfo
- gzdoom-discordrpc
- dotfiles
- p6nc/overlay

Projects of mine:
current | wip rewrite | rsfetch - A Neofetch alternative written in Rust.
codeberg | sourcehut | github | gzdoom-discordrpc - DiscordRPC for GZDoom, written in Rust.
codeberg | sourcehut | github | rsPhate - A discord bot written in Rust.
codeberg | sourcehut | github | musinfo - A program written in pure Rust to query music info from mpd and display it in a notification.
codeberg | github | pkg - A CLI frontent to emerge, written in Rust.
codeberg | sourcehut | github | rsmpc - mpc, but implemented in Rust.
codeberg | github | bindings - Global X keybindings via hardcoded keybindings in bindings, written in Rust.
codeberg | github | cfg - A configuration manager written in bash.
codeberg | sourcehut | github | dotfiles - My dotfiles. Contains everything from my bashrc to kernel configurations to even AutoHotKey keybindings for Windows.
codeberg | github | hosts-files-collection - A collection of hosts files. Currently only contains a hosts file for blocking everything Facebook-related.
codeberg | sourcehut | github | mpv-config - My mpv configuration. Separated from my dotfiles as I got tired of Github telling me my dotfiles were 20%+ Lua.
codeberg | github | sxhkd-bindings - A shell script to parse and display keybindings + descriptions, as well as optionally edit them.
github | sxhkdrc-mode - A WIP major mode for sxhkd's config file because I couldn't find one for it.
codeberg | github | WBMPFMPD - Web-Based Music Player For MPD. Very insecure, use on a local server or at your own risk.
github | fet - An assortment of random programs written in Fetlang. Don't expect anything in this repo to be serious, and given the nature of Fetlang expect anything and everything in this repo to be NSFW.
github | valleyterm - Yet another VTE wrapper. This time made and customized by me.

Projects I have participated in:
github | fortune-mod-mythical-linux - Fortunes extracted from the Mythical Linux Discord server.
github | portop - Monitor system status during Portage emerge.

Projects I have forked/modified:
github | FFNIFDBDFYTU - Firefox Nightly Installer For Linux, For You To Use.
Original repo in case anybody is interested.

Projects I have co-created:
github | p6nc-overlay - A gentoo overlay for software by Phate6660, ncdulo, others, or just missing from the default repos.

Friends and/or other people of interest:
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